So you’re here, wanting to know more about me before you decide if you want to take my class.

I’m Helena.


I consider the proof, the science to be a very important part of working in the wellness industry, where we are constantly surrounded by fads and charlatans. I bring together all that I’ve learnt, from different disciplines, and blend them together. An ever evolving practice which is more science, less fad!


Anyone who has met me knows that I am rather energetic. I love yoga that makes you strong, so you rest in savasana in complete bliss. I love long runs and the feeling of free. I can be loud. I love being with people. Being these things makes me, me. It is also who I am in my work. My yoga classes will make you move, you will get strong and connected to your body and breath. You will laugh a little and rest well. I approach wellness as something that should always be FUN.

My approach to wellness, business and life

Given that my teenage years were pretty rubbish – food restriction (anorexia) – I know all too well the life limiting effects of obsession. Having experienced this I can see all too clearly when the ‘wellness’ industry is anything but well. When it glamourises unhealthy obsessions with working out, achieving a body that looks a certain way, moralising food choices or even making you feel like you don’t run well enough. I take this frustration at the industry and motivation to do it differently.

My classes are about doing what makes you feel good, strong and empowered for life.

My background

My journey to being a yoga teacher and working in wellness started when I moved to Leeds in 2012 and couldn’t find anywhere doing my newest hobby, hot yoga… so I did my training and brought the hot yoga craze to Yorkshire.

After realising being self employed was totally my bag I ditched PAYE for being a freelance yoga teacher, then in January 2016 I opened my own wellness centre in Headingley.

Over the years my yoga has changed – really quite a lot. From the posture focused hot yoga styles, to the ease approach with Strala and have ended up at Core Strength Vinyasa; an anatomy based yoga that focuses on the transition of the body in healthy, strength based ways to eventually (maybe) finding a final asana. I pull inspiration from martial arts and Feldenkrais practices. You find a combination of all of these things in my weekly Strength+Mobility classes and my up and coming Intelligent Movement course.

Alongside regular yoga I developed the popular HIIT+Yoga class, born out of my own training and seeing how it could help other busy people get strength and cardio to balance yoga.  I first started teaching this in 2014 but it was in 2016 when I opened We Are Wellness that the class finally had a platform and is now popular across Leeds.