Mobility & Flexibility

Combining all the best movements and practices from across a variety of disciplines, to improve mobility and flexibility supporting you to move better and avoid injuries in sports. We warm up, we do self massage, we mobilise and build awareness of better movement patterns, at the very end we release with some yoga-informed stretches to release tension.

HIIT & Yoga

My favourite combination of practices when time is short or you need that energy pep for the day. Get your heart rate up, get strong and then stretch it allllll out at the end. Bringing your heart rate down, and enjoy a sense of calm energy.

Power Yoga

I call my yoga classes power yoga, because they will help you build functional strength, mobility and awareness of your body. Each class has a different theme, working on a different area of the body or movement, in an intelligent way.

This is not a class full of vinyasa’s and dance flows, you can go to one of the other amazing yoga teachers in Leeds for that. No, my classes are about moving better, moving stronger, feeling confident in your body.

Barre & Yoga

Blending my love of yoga and my love of Barre. Barre is low impact strengthening of all the joints in the body. We use little weights, sliders, bands, and balls to challenge controlled movements that build endurance in the body. If you love the burn, you’ll love this class. Blended with yoga to release throughout is delicious.