M25 J10 Team: Making Wellbeing Personal

It’s time to stop and take 5 minutes to consider what you need to feel well and good. What goals are important to you? What would you love to get support with? Complete this form and start a journey we will support you on!

Preferred ways to keep in contact with you as we work together?
We will use this method to offer accountability, motivation, and useful support.

Wellbeing is unique to us all. Tell us about YOUR wellbeing

From fitness to sleep, relationships to finances, personal sports goals to work goals. We all have different personal goals and factors that give us satisfaction in life. Tell us yours.
If you're not sure about a goal yet, we will work together to uncover what's important or could have a positive impact on your life. Alternatively we use the time to have someone to talk to.

If you identified a goal or change, answer these questions so we understand where you are.

What option best describes where you are with this goal or change?
You may be somewhere inbetween these points, so just choose the one that describes your goal ‘most of the time’.
Rate out of 10 how important is it that you make this goal or change?
This might reflect how motivated we are, and thus how likely we are to actually achieve our goals.
Understanding our own motivations around a goal is important in helping us achieve them. You may have to take a minute to really consider your answer. Remember there is no right or wrong. You may find that the answer reflects a concern you have about yourself, the future, or your values.
Rate out of 10 how confident do you feel that you can reach this goal or change?
Have you attempted to make this or any other change in the past that hasn't stuck?
Can you identify what might help you make progress towards this goal or change?
Many things affect our ability to reach a goal. These might be practical things like skills or time, or thoughts about having failed before. Thinking about this really helps to direct the areas where support can be given.