Short series: Hips

Short but might class to release your hips. You need a strap and just 24 minutes!

Hamstrings in 30

A 30 minute release of your back line, hamstrings, calves & back for post walk, run, cycle, sit. I’ve kept it stretchy & low energy.

Knee strengthening yoga

Slow controlled strengthening of all the muscles that support the knee. No kneeling means it’s perfect for anyone with knee issues. 46 mins

Thoracic Mobility Flow

Help your spine feel amazing. Sit, walk, run taller and support better breathing and shoulder mobility. 46minutes / no props

Luscious Shoulders Flow

A flow that mobilises + strengthens your shoulders, stretches the chest + back muscles. 45 minutes / a block.

Psoas Strength

Build strength in your hip flexors which get weak from sitting.
45minutes / block, wall, blanket