Core extravaganza

That core burn we all love, with 3 rounds of cardio bursts. 49mins (pilates ball or rolled pillow)

Hiit to Crow

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Hiit+Yoga: Snatch it!

Legs and shoulders get a really good workout in this class!
45mins / 2 medium weights (optional)

Hiit Yoga: Twisty

A hiit class based on cross body and side bend movements. Perfect blend with side crow class. 54mins

Sweaty Core

I wanted to make sure we got a bit sweaty with some core work! 46mins / no equipment

Barre hiit yoga

Low impact, full body strength with just a touch of cardio to keep it balanced 🙂

Tabata & Yoga

Full body tabata blended with yoga. Tabata is 20secs of work, 10secs of rest. 49mins / no equipment