Wake Up Power Flow

Perfect class for the start of the day, touching on all parts of our bodies.


Welcome to strong all round glutes. A go to class for keeping a healthy lower body! 52mins

Circle your hips

Release deep tension in your hips with this class aimed at mobility and circling movements. 48mins / blanket

Flexi Flow

Focused on mobilising movements and deeper stretches for a much calmer class. 45 mins / blocks and strap

Kick through flow

Flow for strength and mobility with plenty of challenging balance. 55mins

Yoga towards side plank

Strengthen and stretch with this class aimed at making side plank variations feel much stronger and more stable. 49mins

Power flow with wild thing

Classic yoga power flow incorporating wild thing and fallen triangle for all round strength and stretch. 50mins

All about hamstrings

If you need a hamstring stretchy class. This does it. 45 mins. 2 blocks and something to squeeze (pillow, ball)