Hiit to Crow

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Flexi Flow

Focused on mobilising movements and deeper stretches for a much calmer class. 45 mins / blocks and strap

Kick through flow

Flow for strength and mobility with plenty of challenging balance. 55mins

Hiit+Yoga: Snatch it!

Legs and shoulders get a really good workout in this class!
45mins / 2 medium weights (optional)

Hiit Yoga: Twisty

A hiit class based on cross body and side bend movements. Perfect blend with side crow class. 54mins

Yoga towards side plank

Strengthen and stretch with this class aimed at making side plank variations feel much stronger and more stable. 49mins

Power flow with wild thing

Classic yoga power flow incorporating wild thing and fallen triangle for all round strength and stretch. 50mins

Sweaty Core

I wanted to make sure we got a bit sweaty with some core work! 46mins / no equipment