How to make work work for you! 

It’s a Saturday and I’m sat in a cafe with my laptop. Whilst I am one of only 3 people working whilst around me people are busy shopping, drinking, and glitter covered festival goers are queuing for the last toilet opportunity, I’m not in anyway wishing I wasn’t working. This is my freedom.
I have chosen to ignore what society supports as the normal ‘9-5pm-living-for-the-weekend’ lifestyle. I have chosen to change my approach. I am out to make work work for me. I have said adios to the notion of work being standard hours each week or travel being saved for annual holidays or the end of our lives (yes aka retirement).
I am on a journey of reinvention. Working SMART not hard, and making it possible to be more location independent, so that I can join the world of the ‘new rich’ (as Timothy ?? describes), and nomadic workers as others identify as. I am creating a life where work and travel can exist together and life is about learning and exploring.
So, as I sit here working one of my tasks is booking flights for a creative business meeting in the Canary Islands next month and a trip to Lisbon the month after. Even though I’ve been self employed for 3 years now this is the first time I feel like I’m truly choosing life and it gives me the best kind of butterflies.
Don’t let your work dictate your life, whether you are employed or self employed you risk missing out on what you really want to be doing if you don’t stop right now and take charge. The goal is living life on your own terms.

Come and find out what I’ve learnt so far on my journey to freedom and how you can do the same at the workshop ‘Business and Branding…without the Burnout’ – January 21st 2018 at We Are Wellness.