Teaching vs Empowering

Tim used to come to We Are Wellness classes every day. Yep, he was (and still is) rather a household name. Then one day he stopped coming to classes. Everyone started asking where’s Tim, why isn’t he coming to classes?

I might have missed Tim in class (although I still hang out with him and talk movement, coffee and being an entrepreneur), but I wasn’t concerned about him not coming to classes. WHY?

Because I knew my job (for now) was done. He had explained to me that having attended months of my classes he felt empowered enough to know what he needed to do for his body and felt equipped to do it. He was taking control of his physical needs, listening to his body and using what I (and other teachers at WaW) had taught him to create his own PERFECT movement practice. And he was doing it. Every damn day.

I just absolutely LOVE this story. Although the ‘business’ side of this story is obviously a loss of a customer, the human side of this story is that I’ve empowered someone to take control of their own wellness. Isn’t this the goal. Isn’t dependency exactly what is wrong with the prescriptions of pills, relying on doctors to know what is best for you?

So let me hear a massive HELL YEAH for achieving what every health sector worker should aim for. Here is to losing customers who have been empowered!!

(And no doubt, if they need a new lesson, they will know where to come.)

Namaste x