Thanks for joining my class membership. I want to help you move better…a simple aim which can have profound effects on your life (mentally and physically). I want to make the time you spend doing these things fun, effective and easy to access. Here is some useful information to get you started, or if you want to just get going head to the dashboard!

Hope to see you on a live class soon, and if not keep in touch with how you get on!

Practical stuff

Your membership gives you access to the full library of classes PLUS the live classes of which there are currently 2 per week (I will be adding more soon). On your dashboard you will find the timetable for live classes and the links for zoom access. I also record the classes and add them to the ‘recent yoga’ or ‘recent hiit‘ playlists.

Staying in touch

I love to keep my classes useful and inspiring, so if there are things you want more / less of, things you are working on or any sort of question about what we do, get in touch.

You can email me, WhatsApp me, complete the contact form, or message me on instagram!

To keep you up to date your email address will be added to my membership mailing list, where I keep you updated with new classes, the live timetable and other class / workshop opportunities. This is spam free list, but of course you can remove yourself whenever you want!

Making the most of your membership

Here are my top tips for making the most of your membership (from plenty of experience having online memberships myself).

Get started as soon as you can!

Don’t delay, even if you don’t have time for a full class, jump into one of the short classes and start as you mean to go on. You’ll feel so smug if you do something.

Commit to a regular time/day to do a class

Will-power eventually runs out, so forming a habit makes it easier to stick to the things we know we should do. There is lots of evidence that shows ‘habit stacking’ is really effective. That means, you add the new activity to habit/ routine you already have. For example, directly after taking your kids to school, or, before you eat your lunch, or doing stretches whilst you’re watching TV, balancing on one leg whilst you’re brushing your teeth!

Stick to your habit, even if it’s a micro-practice

Even when life gets hectic I’ve found that there is always time for some sort of exercise. This is why I love HIIT, because you can feel like you’ve really done something in just 15 minutes.

In those moments where you have time, but lack the motivation I have found that again saying to yourself that you’re just going to do something short, or gentle, or one round of a power flow sequence and then a savasana ….and soon enough you find yourself feeling ok, and just doing the whole thing!